In 2017, prepared to take a chance on an idea, Morgan Sommer left the corporate lifestyle behind and opened Forth & Nomad’s first brick-and-mortar, in the up-and-coming Houston Heights neighborhood. What began as a small 500-square-foot storefront has grown into the 4000-square-foot location that houses the brand today. Morgan’s unshakable confidence, unchanging vision, and commitment has allowed Forth & Nomad to become a globally recognized, ever-changing canvas of inspiration to those who desire more from their everyday shopping experience.

Introducing The Candle Bar as a facet to Forth & Nomad was a no-brainer. Our team continues to work towards the brand's future, curating collections of unique pieces and creating a space where others can feel inspired, confident, and ready to change the world.

The Candle Bar harbors community and fun through creation and is an integral part of Forth & Nomad's DNA.